Blog Update


Edit: I’m back to blogging on WordPress

I’m moving my blog into (GitHub , click). I’ll separate the future content into two blogs. For subjects related to Games Development I will continue to  use WordPress-this blog. And the second blog for more advanced software development topics like low level languages(CIL, MSIL, Assembly, ), algorithms and discrete mathematics.

Work in progress…


First of all, little bit about myself. I’m self taught software developer. My main language is c# and for my projects im using mainly .NET framework and Unity Engine.

Short biography. After doping out from University(Undergraduate in robotics) and over year of searching for place for myself I decided to go back to Software Development. I graduated from college in UK , after seeing the level of education here I decided to become a developer without help of university. I’ll share with you knowledge i gained over years of searching and self development, finishing lots of Massive Open Online Courses, education in different countries and  on different levels.

This blog is about software development and technology. I’ll post helpful tips and information that can be useful for software developers, game developers, and people  interested in technology. I’ll try to cover basic and more advanced topics.